We are doing this. Spent a year with Ryan and Anna at Guadalupe Brewing. Learned so much and am ready to open our own brewery. Gonna start small and completely out of pocket. Probably 2-3 bbls. Looking for a building now in NB. All future updates will be on FB until further notice. goo.gl/7FXGOa and twitter https://twitter.com/BartonBrewery


Holiday Testing

Getting a late start on the holidays. Trying out some new styles for testing. Starting off with our popular cider, changing it up a bit to get that warm cinnamon apple pie feel. That’s it on the left. On the right is a pumpkin ale. Little late for fall but pumpkins are Christmasy right? This dark one is a pepper ale. We went with black peppercorns this time rather than the chipotle peppers. And finally another one we are trying is eggnog. Made from eggs, sugar, cream, vanilla and a few other goodies. Not to mention a quart of bourbon and some brandy and dark rum. All should be ready by Christmas.





Hard Apple Cider

This turned out amazing! Very clean and dry. Little sweet on the back end but you can really taste the apple. Clocked in at over 10%ABV. Very easy to drink. Can be served flat or carbonated. We decided to condition them in the flip top bottles. Served chilled. Turned out so well we already have another batch fermenting and are looking for some granny smith apple juice to try another style.



Smoky Wheat

This is our “Smoky Wheat”. We started off with a clone of Shiner Double Wheat 102. It was one of their annuals. Took it up a notch with some Adobo style Chipotle peppers. Darkened the color a bit. Not much heat but you can definitely taste the smoked peppers in the back of your throat. 6.1%




Had to be done. Had to start off the summer right and put away the 15 gallons of homebrew we had stashed. 30 lbs of crawfish and 10 pounds of fried tilapia later it had been accomplished

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Dave’s Double D

My neighbor Dave decided he wanted to brew his own batch as well. We went to San Antonio to pick out something special. Since he only drinks Coors light he went with an American Light Lager. It turned out better than Coors let me tell ya. He can be seen here proudly hugging his new child before we kegged it and killed it 3 afternoons later. Will be doing this again I’m told.